Ninth Panel Session

Panel 1: ‘Public’ as Identity and as Locus of Change

Chair: Prof. Paolo  Palchetti (University of Macerata)

Speakers: : Prof. Valdis Bluzma (Turiba University in Riga) Dr Paulo Potiara del Alcantara Veloso (Regional Community University Chapecó & Faculty Cesucs),
Ms Raquel Razente Sirotti (Federal University of Santa Catarina),

Dr Paulo Potiara
del Alcantara Veloso

Regional Community University Chapecó & Faculty Cesucs in Florianopolis



Migration, Law Innovation and the Infidel World: the instrumental face of European civilizing presumptions under the universalized ius gentium of Francisco de Vitoria




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Panel 2: Institutions and Politics

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan (University of South Florida in St. Petersburg)

Speakers: Assoc. Prof. Sunita Jogarajan (Melbourne Law School), Dr Tzung-Mou Wu (Academia Sinica in Taipei City), Ms Marjorie Carvalho de Souza
(University of Naples)

Assoc. Prof. Sunita Jogarajan

Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne



The Role of the League of Nations in the Development of Double Tax Agreements

Dr Tzung-Mou Wu

Academia Sinica in Taipei City



Comparative Legal History for the Rights of Indigenous People





Panel 3: Mixed Legal Traditions and Identities

Chair: Prof. Nathalie Tousignant (University Saint-Louis in Brussels)

Speakers: Prof. Nir Kedar (Sapir Academic School of Law & Bar-Ilan University), Dr Paul Swanepoel (University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban), Ms Zülâl Muslu (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre & Max Planck Institute for European Legal History)

Prof. Nir Kedar

Sapir Academic School of Law & Bar-Ilan University



Law as an Agent of Modernization and National Identity: The Case of Israel


Ms Zülâl Muslu

University of Paris Ouest Nanterre & Max Planck Institute for European Legal History in Frankfurt am Main



Preventing the Ottoman sovereignty or digging the grave of an Empire? The Ottoman mixed commercial courts: The roots of the Nation-state building


Dr Paul Swanepoel

University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban



Judicial Identities in Tanganyika,

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