Seventh Panel Session

Panel 1: Constitutional History, Authoritarian Rule and Transition to Democracy in Brazil and Comparative Perspective

Chair: Prof. Massimo Mecarelli (University of Macerata)

Speakers: Professor Cristiano Paixão, Prof. Leonardo Barbosa, Ms Claudia Paiva Carvalho, Ms Maria Pia Guerra (University of Brasilia)

Prof. Leonardo Barbosa

Training and Improvement Centre (CEFOR) of the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia


Constitutional Politics during the Brazilian Civil-Military Dictatorship: the Constitution as a Tool for Authoritarian Reform and for Political Transition


Ms Claudia Paiva Carvalho

University of Brasilia



Transitional justice and sexual crimes in Latin America: an analysis of Brazil and comparative perspectives




Panel 2: 19th Century Private Law ‘Modernisation’

Chair: Prof. Barbara Biscotti (University of Milano-Bicocca)

Speakers: Prof. Heikki Pihlajamäki (University of Helsinki), Prof. Marju Luts-Sootak & Dr Hesi Siimets-Gross (University of Tartu), Dr Dmitry Poldnikov (Higher School of Economics in Moscow),  Ms Julie Rocheton (University Pantheon-Assas Paris 2)


Ms Julie Rocheton

University Pantheon-Assas Paris 2



An endeavor to improve the legal reality: the 19th century United-States Civil Codes


no BIO

Panel 3: Migrations of People, Ideas and Legal Power

Chair: Prof. Bart Wauters, IE University in Madrid – Segovia

Speakers:  Assoc. Prof. Balázs Pálvölgyi (Széchenyi István University in Budapest), Dr Virginia Amorosi (University of Naples Federico II), Mr Airton Ribeiro da Silva Júnior (University of Florence), Mr Francesco Campodonico (University of Genoa)

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no BIO

Mr Airton Ribeiro da Silva Júnior

University of Florence



“Evolution of international law”: conceptions of international law in early-twentieth-century